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Break Bulk operations
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Not only containers but also break bulk cargo – a dedicate and well trained staff, coordinated by our Ops department, is able to provide ad hoc solutions for the handling of every kind of break bulk machineries, cases, yachts (but also wagons, elicopters etc …)


Max weight accepted for quay crane handling:

  • Boxes and machineries: 55 tons
  • Yacht: 45 tons

Other services and mandatory documents for yacht B/B loading/discharge operations:

  • For B/B loading of yachts direct from the sea, the use of frogmen and watermen service is mandatory (called by and charged to the line agent).
  • For B/B discharge of yachts direct to sea, the use of watermen service (called by and charged to the line agent) is mandatory.
  • For B/B discharge of yachts with joined handling of saddle and boat, it is mandatory to receive a letter to release the terminal from any responsibility at least 24 hours before the beginning of the commercial operations on the ship.  

Confirmation of the operational feasibility of B/B operations:

  • The customer asks confirmation of the faisibility and the quotation to the Customer Service Department. When requesting this service, the client must clearly indicate dimesions and weight of the B/B cargo and submit technical designs of the cargo indicating lifting and lashing points.

It is now possible to check on line operations feasibility and to ask for offers

The break bulk request form, duly filled in and together with technical drawings showing lifting and lashing points of the cargo, will have to be sent to PSA GP using the webforrm Contact Marketing above  on this page

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