For Social

PSA Genova Pra’ is particularly attentive and involved in the life of the community that surrounds it and supports it in a concrete way by contributing to beneficial initiatives in support of the local population, reinforced by a lasting bond with the territory, also referred to in the corporate brand.

For the environment

Environmental care is part of our culture.
Our staff and visitors are encouraged daily to respect environmental safeguarding practices, such as separate waste collection and the progressive reduction of plastic and paper.

Energy efficiency is also subject to a continuous process that involves procedures that limit the use of fossil fuels, use renewable energy sources and aim to power ships at berth electrically, reducing noise and CO2 emissions.

In September 2018, the terminal received a batch of 21 electric cranes which are used on the terminal’s operating areas. This investment has drastically reduced the consumption of fossil fuels.

For health and safety

The creation and continuous maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental requirement for our organisation. The complexity of the operations we carry out and the high service standards that we offer to our customers are based on the fundamental pillar of safety.

As an industry leader we want to be an example to follow, our HSSE practices are constantly updated, to be in step with the needs of all our operators, our customers and suppliers and the local community in which we operate.