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EDI Procedures
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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the electronic document exchange between trade partners.

Reducing the manipulation of paper and avoiding the double imputation of the data, EDI highly optimizes the flow of information and, for this reason, it is strongly utilized in almost every working area.

Demand of EDI services is very strong and VTE made great efforts in order to encounter the increasing demand by its customers and partners.
The advantages deriving from the use of the EDI are remarkable.

Among these:

  • drastic reduction of times required for the exchange of information
  • drastic reduction of errors and greater precision of the information transmitted 
  • cost savings compared with the traditional management and transmission of documents.

It is a VTE target to establish direct relations with its own customers based on EDI messages

EDI messages used by VTE are in the International Standard UN/EDIFACT format and codes used for data exchange are International Standard codes, based on United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) directives.

In particular for the resorts, the standard UN/LOCODE is used, for nations the standard ISO 3166, for types and measures of containers the ISO codes norm. n. 6346.

Messages used by VTE are :

Bay Plan
Vessel Load/Discharge
In-Gate / Out-Gate Moves
Container announcement message
Empty release order message
Container Load / Discharge Order
Customs cargo report message
Terminal performance Report
Application error & acknowledgement
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