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PSA Genova Pra’ is equipped with a wide back port area of 20.000 Square Kilometres and 7.000 Square Kilometres of offices. It has a 1.433 meters quay length that can assists 3 simultaneous berths to ULCV, as well as a wide navigation channel, a 600 meters turning basin with a natural draft fit for ULCV operations assisted with breakwater lighting, enabling night time manoeuvring.
Thanks to this area the terminal offers many value added services in the field of logistics and distribution.

The terminal is equipped with 15.000 TEU ground slots, 1.500 reefer plugs and a dedicated IMO park with 320 TEU ground slots, which are both the Reefer and IMO Park checked 24hrs/24hrs. The area also comprehends a CFS warehouse & inspection areas, running all sort of inspections on site such as the X-Ray, Custom service, Veterinary and Radiometric.

The continuous investment in equipment and technologies grants PSA Genova Pra’s role in the connection of overseas port, in particular with Far East, and with the markets of Southern Europe, keeping the fast growing and modern pace of shipping industry, matching all of the most relevant standard and delivering on time customer service.

Since 2015 a global expansion plan is up and running and it allows PSA Genova Pra’ to have a safer, more modern and efficient terminal. The goal is to create a global strategic centre capable of responding to the needs of terminal’s customers in an ever-changing environment.

For this reasons in 2015 the company decided to invest more in its equipment by purchasing eight new ship-to-shore container cranes during 2016. The new cranes are the latest in modern technology. These cranes will allow PSA Genova Pra’ to be the first Terminal in the North Tyrrhenian Sea equipped to welcome ships with a capacity up to 20,000 TEU. This will bring the total number of STS gantry cranes in the terminal to twelve . Thanks to this investment, it’s the first Italian container terminal capable of catering for Ultra Large and New Panamax ships up to 20K TEU.

Part of this project comprehended reinforcement works for the first 600 meters of the quay. The goal was to reinforce the entire surface of the quay in order to guarantee maximum safety for ULCV mooring.

The expansion project in PSA Genova Pra’ comprehended also the purchase, in 2016, of 100 new fenders of the super cone variety. These are capable of responding to the notable demands of the ships of fourteen thousand TEU and upward. The conic structure responds to the demands required and maintains a distance of at least one meter between the ship and the quay. This guarantees the maximum level of safety during the loading and unloading operations.

Moreover the terminal is equipped with 50 bollards with a 150-tonne capacity that have been added to the existing 50 already onsite.

The mooring systems has been improved thanks to the purchase of a “Shore Tension Mooring System”, enabling to monitor the mooring conditions of the ships calling the terminal. The STMS system is a first for Italian ports. This system constitutes an important improvement in technology, allowing much safer and stable mooring operation of the ship, avoiding any possible tearing in the mooring lines.

Considering the quay side, PSA guarantees 24hours on 24 hours tug, mooring and quay operations. Also, the company decided to implement the illumination of the breakwater that allows nocturnal access to the terminal without restriction for the 14K TEU ships.

The benefits for our clients are obvious: continuous operation, even for the biggest ships, with a subsequent reduction of the time spent in port, as to respect the schedule of the service routes.

The company is improving its containers transport equipments as well. Indeed, in 2016 the entire set of reach stackers has been replaced with new machines, safer and more eco-sustainable, thanks to a series of new technologic features.

PSA Genova Pra’ offers also breakbulk and OOG services, handling both breakbulk pieces up to 65ton and yachts up to 45 ton, offering direct loading from water onto vessel for any kind of shipment.

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