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PSA GP’s journey began over twenty years ago, willing to create a fast, modern and efficient container terminal in Genoa Pra’.

Indeed, since 1998 PSA GP is part of PSA INTERNATIONAL, one of the global leading port groups concerning container terminal activities.

The port of Pra’ was born from a project of the former “Consorzio Autonomo” of the port of Genoa, today Genoa Port Authority.


In 1992 FIAT Impresit, believing in the development potentials of Genoa and acquiring the needed Port Authority concessions, decided to set up a company offering port services, called SINPORT, operating the container terminal of Pra’.

Starting from 1992 the first cargo ferry called the port, whilst in 1993 PSA GP operated on the first carrier vessel. Finally, on May 5th 1994, the first container vessel called the port, allowing to PSA GP to start running its core business, still performed today as one of the best Italian and European port.

Despite the 2008 crisis PSA GP’s steady improvement has been widely appreciated by the market, contributing to a high increase in traffic volumes up to approximately 1.010 TEUs (Twenty-foot equivalent unit) in 2008.

The continuously growth process is supported by the increase of directly hired staff up to the present 670 units, the majority of which are young people, who achieved high skills and competences through an intensive training activity. Following PSA philosophy, the company staff is one of the most important asset for a highly competitive terminal.

Since 2015 a global expansion plan is up and running, allowing to PSA Genova Pra’ to develop a safer, more modern and efficient terminal. The goal is to create a global strategic centre capable of responding to the needs of terminal’s customers in an ever-changing environment.

For this reasons in 2015 our company decided to invest more in the renewal of its equipment, purchasing eight brand new and modern ship-to-shore container cranes during 2016. These cranes will allow PSA Genova Pra’ to be the first Terminal in the North Tyrrhenian Sea to welcome ships with a capacity up to 20,000 TEU, otherwise known as Ultra Large Vessel Container. This will bring the total number of STS gantry cranes in the Terminal to twelve.

Furthermore, the project includes the installation of new breakwater lights, allowing nocturnal access to the 14K TEUs ships. The target that our terminal is aiming to reach is to enable continuous quay operations, with a subsequent reduction of the time spent in port, guaranteeing a full respect of the schedule of the services route, as to deliver an outstanding service to our customers.

Of course, safety has always been the cornerstone of the whole PSA group, as well as innovation is. Due to this fact, the company has undertaken numerous initiatives to place safety at the centre of its activity, both through setting operatives standard and by completing our equipment with safety devices. For instance, PSA Genova Pra’ bought innovative fenders in 2016, as to guarantee the maximum level of safety during the loading and unloading operations, and also a new “Shore Tension Mooring System” (STMS), allowing to highly reduce the risks of berthing lines tearing in conditions of strong wind.

One of the major characteristics that makes PSA Genova Pra’ a competitive Italian and European port is its geographically strategic position, enabling intermodal links with a well developed hinterland railway, together with a direct access to the national Italian highways A26 and A10.

These connections are a direct gateway both to North Italy and to South/Central Europe.

PSA Genova Pra’ aims to ease the access to the global market to all the freight companies involved into the shipping industry, creating highly specialized employment, allowing everyone to have access to the products they love the most.


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