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IMO Containers
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The area for temporary stacking of dangerous goods containers is located within the terminal area and is composed by bays equipped with leakage control and treatment facilities and fire fighting plant.

The maximum geometric capacity of the area is 640 TEU, divided for IMO class, placed in such an order to have compatibility between near classes. All IMO classes are accepted with the exception of IMO 1 (explosives), IMO 6.2 (infecting materials) and IMO 7 (radioactive materials).

When the shipping agents and forwarders who require them will have obtained all relevant authorisations by the competent authorities, dangerous goods containers can be received as early as 5 days before the loading vessel arrival and stacked up to 5 days after the discharging vessel departure. For transhipment containers, the period betwwen arrival of discharging vessel and departure of reloading vessel is 15 days.

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