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Terminal Connections
Interland road

Hinterland road together with the railway is a key point of PSA Genova Pra'.

With 12 assisted lanes, 2 bidirectional lanes equipped to assure the gate maximum flexibility, with automatic p-check at the gate-out. The terminal also has a dedicated and direct road access to the national motorway A26 towards Milan and the A10 towards La Spezia.

Every trucks is served within half an hour from GATE-IN to GATE-OUT, and 2.400 trucks pass by daily. In 2016 PSA  Genova Pra' counted 500.505 in just one year.

Following the first semester 2017 the increase of traffic volumes and the dimensions of ships served from the terminal, an important new opportunity was introduced on July 2017: the possibility of early pick up of import containers.

The experimental measure, which will be applied only to selected ships, allows for the withdrawal of a container while the unloading operations are still in progress.

Not having to wait until the ship unloading is finished means that the early pick up could reduce wait time for the import containers up to 48 hours.

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