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PSAGP's Security

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Security at work

Security has always been at the cornerstone of the entire PSA group. It shapes strategic decisions to be carried out every day. Due to this fact numerous initiatives takes place, in order to set security at the centre of our business:


  • the terminal has a 24 hours a day internal security service which is integrated by external security services.
  • in 2016 a new security system has been settled up for the international area of the PSA Genova Pra’.
  • staff and visitors can only access the international area with a special key card issued by PSA or the port authority to pass from one access point to another within the terminal. Each access point is manned by a security guard and represents a genuine technological post, equipped with access security software and turnstiles.
  • from May 2016, in order to load and unload the containers, all the transporters without a key card from the Port Authority of Genoa must obtain the official key card provided by the PSA Security Office. All the information gathered is shared with the Registry Office of the Port of Genoa.
  • PSA Genova Pra’ is provided with a technologically advanced system, helped by eighty video camera positioned all over the terminal. The security cameras are accessible, due to the total collaboration, by the Port Authorities, the Border Police and the Financial Authorities. The data collected by the key card on the other hand is shared with the Registry Office of the Port Authorities.
  • the installation of over 100 “safety signs” in every area of the terminal.

The implementation of the security strategy for the PSA Genova Pra’ is continuing with the access control over the 2000 haulers that pass through the gates of the terminal every day. The new security access system represents a significant improvement in the security standards of the terminal.

Once security has carried out all checks, a security pass will be issued, to be hand over to the visitor at the entrance. For longer period passes, the request shall be done to the Genoa port authority, which has fixed strict procedures to grant permissions to enter the port area after PSA approval.

Security also means specific control of containers. Indeed, each container arriving at the terminal is subject to a strict control of the documentation. In addition, an accurate seal check is performed.

On behalf of Italian Authorities, several inspections of the goods stuffed in the containers can be performed within the terminal.

On request, the terminal is able to provide personnel and technology to offer a wide range of inspection services.

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