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Terms and Conditions of PSA Genova Pra' S.p.A. website

The use of the Official Website (the “Website”) of
PSA Genova Pra’ S.p.A. (“PSA GP”) is subject to the
following conditions:

1. Property of the Website

The Website belongs to PSA GP. All the information spread on the Website (“Information”) belongs to PSA GP. It is forbidden to reproduce, create any derived material, distribute, represent or display any Materials, without prior PSA GP’s written consent, except for the downloading and storing of a copy meant for personal and non-commercial use. Any kind of unauthorized use of the Materials is forbidden. Furthermore, the publication, transmission, adaptation with the purpose of forwarding data to third people or of publishing as well as the direct/indirect redistribution by any means, of textual, photographic, graphic, audio and/or video (collectively the “Materials”) are prohibited. None of these Materials or part of them can be archived on one’s own PC except for personal and non-commercial use.

2. . Information Exchange Services

2.1 The on-line information exchange service (the “Service”) is now being started experimentally; access is free for the moment and subject to PSA GP’s consent.

2.2 Access is meant only for PSA GP’s customers or for those partners subscribing the present contract regarding the Terms and Conditions of the Service, according to the modalities available on-line.

2.3 PSA GP can modify, suspend or terminate any part of the Website at any time, including the availability of any kind of service. PSA GP can also set limitations to some of the functions or forbid access to part of or to the entire Website without any previous notice and without incurring any responsibility of any kind.

3. Limitations to the Service

The access to the Service is intended as mutual cooperation and is strictly limited to the authorized registered people. The authorization can be exclusively granted to those customers having a regular contract or relationship with PSA GP. Every registered person is granted such access corresponding to the activities of the company he/she represents. In the starting phase, following access typologies are foreseen: Forwarding Agent, Agent/Ship-owner and Authority. Each company authorized to enter the Service will be informed about any registration attempt made on its behalf, by means of a communication sent to an agreed e-mail address. It will be the company’s responsibility to communicate any variation to PSA GP regarding the access situation (new registrations/cancellations). Upon the company’s specific request, PSA GP will provide details regarding the access to the service on behalf of the company itself and for the period requested.

4. Links

The Website can contain links or pointers to other websites and web resources. Links from and to the Website towards other websites administrated by third people do not imply PSA GP’s approval, either as regards third people’s websites or their contents. PSA GP is not responsible for the availability of resources and contents present in third people’s websites. Any request or doubt concerning links to external websites outside this Website must be addressed to the administrator of the above-mentioned websites.

5. Declaration of declining of responsibility

5.1 The use of the Website and of the Services, as well as the risks for possible damages deriving from such use are meant exclusively as fully being at the user’s risk.

5.2 PSA GP does not provide any guarantee in terms of: (1) continuity and accuracy of the services; (2) amendment of possible faults of the Website or of the Services; (3) absence of viruses or of other harmful components to be found on the Website or in the Services Area; (4) accuracy and reliability of the displayed information.

6. Limitations of responsibility

6.1 Without prejudice for the conditions of this agreement or for other terms and conditions applied by PSA GP afterwards, the responsibility for any possible contents, message and/or user name transmitted by the user on the website exclusively rests upon the user himself.

6.2 PSA GP is in no case responsible for possible direct, indirect, accidental, or consequential damages, deriving or arising from the use of the Website. This limitation applies to presumed responsibilities deriving from the contract, fault, negligence, or of other kind, even if PSA GP has been previously warned of the possibility of such damages occurring. Since the limitation of responsibility deriving from accidental or consequential damage is not provided for by some jurisdictions, PSA GP’s responsibility in such cases will be restricted to the extent the limitation itself is permitted by the Law.

7. Compensation

With the present agreement the user agrees to compensate PSA GP and not to claim any responsibility, compensation for damages and expenses (including legal fees) resulting from: (A) the use of the Website and of the Services (B) any breach, even if only presumed, of this Agreement by the user.

8. Rescission

PSA GP can terminate the present Agreement at any time and at its own discretion.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from this Agreement will have to be submitted to the Italian jurisdiction and exclusively to the competence of the Court of Justice of Genoa.

10. Acceptance of the Conditions of the Service


The use of the Website implies acceptance of the conditions of the present Agreement. PSA GP can modify the conditions of this Agreement at any time; the use of the Website and of the Service after the on-line publication of the amendments is meant as implicit consent to these themselves.


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