PSA Genova Pra’ offers a wide range of accessory services for the management of incoming and outgoing goods, on all types of Dry Van, Open Top and Flat Rack containers.

Every activity, from the simple containerisation of pallets, to the most complex handling operations of high value loads, is carried out by carefully prepared operational teams and with proven experience: each shipment is unique and must be carried out in accordance with the characteristics of the goods and the regulations and the expectations of our customers.


Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday: from 8.00am to 1.00pm (checks only)
Sunday and Bank holidays: excluded

*CET time zone

Inspection services

Thanks to the online portal, PSA Genova Pra' offers a wide range of inspection operations, on all types of containers and on goods in transit.

It is possible to independently consult the results of each inspection carried out by the Authorities and to check the availability and readiness of the containers.

Our dedicated structures allow the intervention of all Authorities directly inside the terminal.

Auxiliary services

Our operations department will be able to support you in your daily activities with:

  • stuffing/unstuffing of containers with various goods, machinery or similar, packed or unpacked, vehicles and goods on pallets with relative lashing/unlashing, chocking and covering;
  • transfer of full and/or empty containers from the storage yard to the CFS warehouse and vice versa;
  • direct transfer of goods from container to container and from container to truck;
  • labelling of packages with labels provided by the customer, cross-tying of packages for customs sealing, marking of cases (template and paint supplied by the customer).

Finance Services

PSA Genova Pra' employs a file archive system integrated with management systems in order to supply our customers with their favorite method to receive invoices and credit notes. For any information please contact the Finance Billing office.

Here attached our tariffs of auxiliary services, with opening indications of our warehouse for goods acceptance, storage fees for dangerous goods cargo and the general conditions of use.