PSA Genova Pra’ is the gateway to the Italian market and to the markets of central and southern Europe. Thanks to its strategic position, the travel times of containers coming from the East-West routes are reduced by at least 4 days compared to Northern Europe.


PSA Genova Pra’ therefore is an inevitable stop on the main global connection routes; for this reason, it is the reference terminal of the most important alliances between global line operators:

  • The Alliance
  • Ocean Alliance
  • 2M

Since the establishment of these consortia (2015) PSA Genova Pra’ has been the reference terminal for the “giants” of shipping.  

      Railway connections

      The PSA Genova Pra’ railway park offers its customers numerous intermodal connections to the industrial areas of the main Italian and European destinations, such as Switzerland, Germany and continental Europe, proving to be a strategic hub to reach these countries in the best way.

      Road connections

      SA Genova Pra’ is directly connected to the Pra’ tollgate junction, thus avoiding overlapping with city traffic, the risk of traffic jams and allowing fast access to the motorway network, both in the direction of La Spezia (A10) and in the direction of Milan (A26).