In response to the continuous evolution and complexity of the global supply chain, PSA's Cargo Solutions organisation aims to offer the highest standards of service and innovation.

We create value for the global supply chain with a particular focus on the Advanced Manufacturing, E-commerce, Chemical Products and Cold Chain sectors. Our customers and partners make use of our connections and the variety of services offered; our target is to improve the time to market of products through synergistic coordination of maritime, customs and land transport operations.

The PSA International Group also operates a mix of inland container depots, warehouses and service areas for refrigerated cargoes and containers. 


At the end of 2018, PSA Genova Pra’ inaugurated the first direct railway connection between Genova and Basel, the 'Mittelmeerzug' (MMZ) train. This historical link for intermodal transport allows customers in Switzerland, Austria and Central Europe to have a direct connection with the port of Genova.

For these customers, the 'Mittelmeerzug' reduces transit by at least seven days - the time required to reach the ports of Northern Europe by sea - and avoids the unpredictability of river connections to the south. The 'Mittelmeerzug' train from Genova to Basel makes three round trips per week and allows you to transport both high-cube containers and shipments with ADR goods. The train has a length of 440 metres and a capacity of 1,250 tonnes. 

The service departs from PSA Genova Pra’ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4.30am. Pick up in Basel is possible from seven in the morning on the day after departure. Check-in closes 24 hours before departure.
Departures from Frenkendorf are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.30pm, with check-in closing at 3.00pm and arrival at PSA Genova Pra’ at 12.30pm the following day.

The PSA Genova Pra’ Cargo Solutions team is available for other information: email: [email protected]/telephone: +