It is the beating heart of PSA Genova Pra’ activities: a large operating park where container handling and storage operations take place.

  • operating area extending over 978,000 square metres of surface divided into 6 modules, 12,500 ground slots, 1,500 reefer plugs, and 320 ground slots for hazardous goods storage
  • VGM weighing station, in compliance with the new provisions of the SOLAS convention
  • import container storage park entirely managed with new high-performance E-RTGs with a very low environmental impact

IMO area and containers

  • 320 ground slots for hazardous goods storage;
  • IMO area with 1,408 TEU of maximum geometric capacity, divided by IMO classes, which allows temporary storage of containers containing hazardous goods, equipped with watertight containment tanks for recovery and subsequent compliant disposal for any possible leakage (for classes 6, 8 and 3) and surrounded by the fire ring equipped with an additional pumping station and specific extinguishing devices (for classes 2, 4, 9 and 5)

The hazardous goods park is supervised with an additional fire prevention service, as per order No. 61/2001 of the Port Authority “Regulations for the completion of the Integrative Fire Protection Service in the Port of Genova”, in force since 1st May 2001.

    Reefer area and containers

    • 1,500 reefer plugs;
    • two checks per day in the space of 24 hours.