The security of people, goods and operating means, whether internal or external to the organisation, is an integral and priority part of the PSA Genova Pra’ business philosophy.

Over the years, changes and technological innovations have allowed the terminal to be at the forefront.

  • an advanced Access Control system to protect the security of all users;
  • a professional digital communication network to ensure maximum efficiency during transmissions;
  • a circuit of 150 high definition cameras, equipped with an internal diagnostics system, positioned in the key points, to guarantee 24-hour monitoring of quays, operational areas, perimeter areas, access gates, buildings and parking areas, also during the night and in conditions of poor visibility;
  • a latest generation operational centre active and overseen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Health and Safety

PSA strives to promotes the culture of safety in order to ensure efficient and safe operation, protect people working in the terminal and prevent damage to equipment and vehicles.

PSA Genova Pra’ pursues these purposes through:

  • strong leadership and safety culture;
  • collaboration with all stakeholders both inside and outside the company and the commitment to spread the culture of safety also outside the workplace;
  • continuous staff training;
  • always effective and efficient protection technologies and devices;
  • a certified management system.